Daily Archives: November 13, 2006

Other stuff

The previous post was going to form part of this update, but it took on a life of its own and demanded its own space. I conceded and now for the rest.

Having recently returned to serve the notice period on my job, I am working in a scheme for substance abusers at the moment. My twisted mind can interpret this as meaning that I am supporting people who have a tendency to hurl insults at, ooh, I dunno, playdoh or something. The other name for this client group is substance misusers. This does other things to my literal brain, which has me thinking of people who put salt in their coffee because they are unaware of the proper function for sodium.

Err, digression, sorry.

Anyway, I have been spending evening and week-end shifts taking breath tests, chatting when people need to/want to and checking the CCTV for suspicious activity. I have also been calling bingo numbers and asking quiz questions. A vaired and sometimes surprising role, with some varied and sometimes surprising people – and that’s just the staff.

One good thing is that the project is within easy driving distance and the travel is out of peak times. The staff are, in fact, lovely. Funnily enough, when I first started my peripatetic job I was placed at this project. They made me very welcome then and, now that I am ending my time with the peripatetic support team at their scheme, they have accepted me just as warmly again. They have already asked me to their Christmas ‘do’ in mid December (despite the fact that I will have finished working with them by that time) and all signed a little card for my birthday (which they found out when I asked almost on arrival if I could switch shifts in order to keep plans for my sister to visit). How lovely is that?!?

Yes, it was my birthday on Saturday. If the three score years and ten thing still holds in this era of the aging demographic, then I am now officially middle aged. Hah, good thing that I am female and thus have a longer life expectancy than average. Are you convinced…? Don’t think I am, sadly :/

Anyhoo, my sis came up on Sat. She fell in love with the kitties and has been duly entertained and fussed over by them. She brought me some slippers with sheep on, which bleat gently if you press their tummies. Friends of mine may remember a previous pressie from sis, slippers with sheep on that would sort of dance if I moved my feet in a particular way. Anyone see a theme here? I really like the slippers, as do the kitts, as does my sister. She forgot to bring hers and has been wearing my birthday gifts for the past couple of days while I have been slopping around in my old ones, on which the sheep could probably be classed as mutton by this time 😉 I forgive her tho, cos today we went to Cardiff for some retail therapy and she bought me lunch and some lovely bath smellies from Lush to complete the birthday experience. I had to work Sunday, but Sat saw Husband, sis and self going for an evening pub meal and I brought take-away home for us all after my shift on Sunday. Food food food! Diet starts…umm…realistically…in the New Year!

Alien Technology

Last weekend we visited the MPH06 motor show in London, which was great fun. As Husband has pointed out on his blog, the chassis of a J744444444444+99999999999999999999999999999999 (oops, kitty on the keyboard). Anyhoo, the chassis of an old model of Jaguar (yeah, like I know WHAT model!?!) does indeed look very alien when viewed head on. We were walking around gazing at the shiny cars when this unpainted, unadorned chassis which was hanging from the ceiling caught my eye. I looked at it as it ‘stared’ at me, with the thought that it looked like some fantastical creature or other going through my head (the thought, not the creature – that would be MESSY!!!) I stood there a while with my sole musing being nothing but, "What DOES that remind me of?" (Sorry, I split infinitives in my thought life.) Eventually, it occured to me that the beings I was reminded of by the bulbous headlight ‘eyes’ and the small ‘mouth’ in the middle of the ‘head’ were the criminal family of aliens featured on Dr. Who, who took over the skins of key Britsh political figures.

I reckon that the cry of ‘It looks like a Slytheen!’, accompanied by the speaker pointing at a classic car chassis has not been witnessed at the Earl’s Court motor show ever before.

Nor is it likely to ever again.