Daily Archives: November 1, 2006

Feeling loved

Thanks people. That you are all so happy for me makes me feel very loved. Mushy old sod, ain’t I?!?

Hopefully this job will mean that the Holy Grail of the mythical Work/Life Balance may be closer to attainment in my life. Perhaps.

For those that want to know, the job is in similar vein, but with different company (better? one can hope!), less hours but more pay per hour. Will mean that Only Husband and self will need to take good look at finances, but reckon we can make both ends meet. (cue bad pun about butcher who put breadcrumbs in the middle of his sausages…c’mon, you know it!) May need to do a few extra hours in a local shop job or something similar, but that will be okay. A slightly scarey thing about new job is that it will be primarily with youngsters of a ‘challenging’ nature. Those who know me will be aware that I have long held the belief that ‘challenging’ is a euphemism used by Christians meaning ‘bloody difficult’. I have also learned that it is widely utilised in the social care field to mean pretty much the same thing. Ah, well, it will be a challenge!

Back to start working my notice on Monday, seeing as I am ‘well’ again (how DO you measure mental well-being?) Here’s hoping and praying that my sanity will remain intact over the next month as I count down the days ’til I leave.

Oh, Smudgie, to claim your free chocolate, put on a scarey costume and click on this word – CHOC.

Oh dear. Did it not work? Damn my technical incompetence! 😉