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Reasons to Woohoo:

1) It is the 31st of the month and I have had 218 visitors!
2) I am a loon, according to Miss Lisa (that is indeed a Good Thing)
3) The kittys went to the vet for thier necessary jabs, were not too unhappy and forgave me remarkably quickly (thus Dith not too unhappy either.)
4) We go to the Top Gear motor show at Earls Court this weekend
5) I have some chocolate left over from the stash for Halloween trick-or-treaters
6) I have found a hairdreser who can make my hair behave (well, relatively speaking…)
7) I have a new job!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Thus, my brain is pretty much back online and my life looks as tho it is getting that way.

Thanks for the prayers, folks!

Woohoo! 😉

Thankyou for reading this

Hello. In visiting me at this time you have conributed to the liklihood that I will top 200 visitors by the end of this month. For some reason, if I fall short of 200 (especially when it is by at tiny margin) then somehow I feel less, umm, fulfilled I s’pose. How anal and sad is that?!?

However, admitting this may make you less likely to drop by in future now you have learned what sort of person I am. Then again, if you are a regular visitor, you will know that already and if you haven’t left by now then maybe you never will. Hmmmm…

"You can check out any time you like
but you can never leave…"




Thanks for coming. Do please call again.

Warning: Unwanted side-effects of thearapeutic treatment by administration of kittens

I would still seek to prescribe kitties on the NHS, given the choice. However, I would warn potential patients of a side-effect I discovered yesterday, at about 11.15pm (on the way to bed).

Young felines are not always capable of distinguishing between thier litter tray and less acceptable places to, umm, do their business.

This reminds me of a cartoon that I love. A couple are looking out of their kitchen window and the man is saying to the woman,
‘Next door’s cat is doing his business in our garden again.’
The cat in question is sat at a desk, working on a laptop computer.

You gotta laugh!


Cheers for the prayers and other support, all you lovely people! Also for appreciating the merits of Scrubs and a certain Mr. Braff!

Update: Signed off work for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, when the dust settles, I will be in a post with fewer hours, more predictability and closer to home. Yet more prayer power required to ensure that this happens!

Spent a lovely, and unplanned, w/end at Lee Abbey. Three of my pals, including Minn of ‘A quoi je pense’ and Jacqui of ‘Miss-guided’ wiblog fame, were on their way there and I managed to get in on the act. Just what the Great Physician ordered! Thanks to that unholy trio for being such great friends 😉

Kitts are great thera-purr-y. Bring a smile when the gloom begins to settle and contentment when neslted in lap. If I were in power I would prescribe them on NHS! Better than some more conventional interventions I have known.

Still not Super, but certainly stronger. Anyways, given ee’s comments re: the dangers of capes, I’m better off earthbound…at least for now!

Thanks again, all. 🙂

I can’t do it all by myself

The heading is a quote from the theme music to Scrubs. Very, very, apt.

Sent an e-mail out to some close friends recently which, basically, told them that I needed their support (waves to recipients who may be reading). Was not easy. Is hard to say ‘Help’, s’pecially when you always want to be the strong one, but find yourself in need far to often for your liking.

In the episode of Scrubs referred to in said e-mail, I quoted Zach Braff’s character, JD. He said that sometimes the most heroic thing a person can do is admit that they are not a hero.

So, to paraphrase another part of the theme tune –

"I’m no Superdith."

Please pray. And please let me know that you are 😉

Btw, who else out there thinks that Zach Braff is well yummy?!?

In answer to Farli

Wondered if anyone would think to ask from whence bubble wrap came.

My guess is that a neighbour of a tenant of mine did not like me parking near his house (tenant lives just up from office where parking is scarce, have been placing my auto near her flat in ample car park). Said neighbour has victimised tenant, incl vandalism to her car. Wouldn’t surprise me if he decided that it would be fun to aggravate person who is supporting my lovely tenant too i.e. me!

Such is my faith in human nature.

No cat references here…

…well, except in the heading.

I am, in fact, looking for a bit of understanding here. Firstly, on Monday, it took me two hours to get to the office. TWO hours! I left at around 7.15am and arrived at approx 9.15am. As a consequence I asked my plocement boss if I could leave home later in future in order to miss the traffic, as leaving earlier did not seem to work. He agreed. So far, so good.

So why, I ask you, did I not get to work until about 11.00am today?

Well, strangely, it all started on the way home. Driving along I noticed that there was a distinct burning, chemical smell lingering around my car. More than a little worrying. I got home, by sheer willpower and prayer as far as I was concerned and wondered what to do.

Y’see, public transport would be a possible option for a number of jobs, but in my work you need to drive to peoples’ houses. So, a bit of a prob. Fortunately, Only Husband was home (due to gremlins of his own) and suggested that I take car to garage next morning to see if they could help.

So, after having let the boss at my placement know that I would be late due to car trouble (bit scarey) I headed off for the garage. Driving along with the faint whiff around me, my thoughts turned to contacting the tenants to let them know I would need to postpone their appointments.

"Good thing I keep a list of thier phone numbers my diary." I thought. Hot on the heels of this thought was one word – "Diary!!!" At the next roundabout I executed a very neat 360 degree turn.

Finally, I arrived at the garage, only to be told that they could not help. The man was very friendly and apologetic, which was good ‘cos I am painfully aware of my ignorace re: all things car, and garages therefore scare me. I then headed off to the local ATS (quick brakes and tyres kind of place) and steeled myself to walk in.

Having explained the issue to the best of my ability, the guy at the desk handed my keys to a sullen looking bloke, who I shall call ‘Smiler’. Smiler skipped merrily off to my car (or something) and drove it about for a bit. I got a cup of coffee from the machine in the waiting area and sat down to contact my tenants while I waited (numbers in delay-causing-diary, which had been on lounge table). I had barely touched said beverage when Smiler returned and gave the verdict. When I found out I was utterly gutted.

Why? you ask.

Was it incredibly expensive? No.

Would they have to keep the car for the rest of the week and thus my tenants would be left without help? No.

Could they not help at all, leaving me to brave a third garage? No.

It was just very,




The problem?

Bubble wrap up the exhaust!

What is worse, I did not even get to drink the coffee.

A cat by any other name…

Okay, for those who wanted to know.

Sherpa – when we went to see kitts for the first time, he would climb out of your arms and onto your shoulder. Distinct mountaineering tendencies, hence the name (for those who may not know, Sherpa Tensing climbed Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary). Sherpa has lived up to his name since, as he shows a great spirit of adventure.

Lemur – this little girl has a ring of white around her black tail. A Ring Tailed Lemur is a primate that lives in Madagascar. I have also discovered on google that the scientific name for this primate is Lemur catta. An accidental bonus!

Che – umm. No real reason, ‘cept that Husband has a bit of a thing about the socialist revolutionary Che Guevara. We had named the other two and Husband heard me say the French word ‘chez’ in some context or other. The rest, as they say, is history (or, at least, linked to it!) Btw, before anyone starts about the respective pronunciations of ‘Che’ as opposed to ‘chez’, I know!

Well, you DID ask! 😉

Smelly cat, smelly cat,

Watchers of Friends will recognise the title of my blog. The next line is "What are they feeding you?" I can tell you that we are feeding our Terrible Trio on those pouches of kitten food. Most of the time it is okay, but when they are right under my nose when trying to compose a blog entry (them and me – did you know that kitties type in tongues very proficiently?!) then it can be pretty whiffy.

There, you really needed to know that, eh?

Cue the word ‘Ouch!’ as one of them leaps onto my lap, claws extended.

Did not know what to type today, not really in the mood for explaining prescription no. 3, tho I will in time. Also, much stuff in head and life, mostly good but not all. However, my little furry bundles of joy have provided the inspiration (Warning: If you do not like cats, then stop reading my blog for a while – perhaps the next few years!)

Anyways, here is the tale of Dith and the Techno-Kitty.

One evening, very bored, Dith was finishing off a rather dull job application form. The kitts were playing around her feet and occasaionally making low level forays onto their purpose built multi-gym. Dith had previously thought of it as the computer desk but the kitts, as always, knew better. It had, of course, been designed specifically for them, an excellent climbing frame and adventure centre.

Briefly Dith left the room in order to verify a necessary detail for the form. On re-entering, not much more than a minute later, she was greeted by the sight of Mountaineering Kitty (aka Sherpa) making a hasty exit from an interesting new level of the gym, which he had found to house the fun little buttons he could operate by walking on them. After a good humoured chastisement, punctuated by a number of giggles, Dith resumed her seat at the computer to close all of the dialogue boxes Sherpa had successfully opened.

A little later, as Dith was turning off all of the equipment, she was surprised to see that she had an answerphone message on her work mobile. Seeing as she had looked at it at the end of the working day, at which point there were no messages, and had only switched it on to check her work mobile number, this seemed a little odd.

The situation became more puzzling when she listened to the message. A voice on the other end indistictly said the word ‘Menace’ and there was background noise including some more words and some laughter. For a split second she had assumed that a colleague had phoned her in error, using the bum-dialling method or similar, but then all became clear. She realised that it was her own voice! Evidently, on his foray on the the mid-gym-level, Sherpa had also dialled Dith’s mobile number, on her own phone. It had then gone to answerphone and recorded her reaction to finding him at the computer. Most entertaining!

I have now looked up to find Che on the penultimate level of the gym, where we keep the paper. Is nothing safe?!? (As if I don’t know!)

And to finish, a favourite quote which has recently aquired new significance,

"Dogs sit by you as you work,
Cats sit on your work"

How very true.


…is a much needed spiritual fruit. I MUST exert it at this time. The reason, I have spent ages doing my first e-shop for groceries and I do not have time to visit all you guys in your wibhomes, much as I would like to.

So, briefly, just to show that I have not fallen off of the face of the planet:

1) New home – Fab!
2) New events – nephews stayed overnight on Sat. Fab x 2!! (one for each!)
3) New kitties – arrived Sat also (madmadmad!). Fab x 3!!!
4) New distance learning course for Diplama in Christian Studies – interesting so far
5) New placement – hard work, long journey, too much traffic, nice people tho – REALLY want new job!
6) New energy levels – low…
7) New amount of spare time – what’s that?!? (I thought I had none BEFORE now…)

"Behold!" said the Lord "I shall make all things new."

Is it, therefore, the end of the world as I know it?

I guess so and, y’know what, I feel fine. I really do! 😉