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2) Take time to play

Firstly, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read and comment so far on this ‘prescription’. To those who already indulge their inner kid, keep up the good work. To those thinking about letting him/her out to play, open the door! 😉

Ooh, an unintentional segue into today’s topic – how clever is that?!? Clearly there is a link between nos (1) and (2), but I think the difference is that today is specifically about play.

Many of the things we enjoy as kids may have been pretty sedentary; reading, watching TV, playing on the ‘puter etc. The thing about play is that it tends to be active, could fall into the category of ‘Fun’ (always with a capital F) and gets the in-dolphins leaping about the bloodstream. Laughter should ideally play a great part.

So, if you are an animal lover, run around with a pup or drag some string for a kitten or three (hehehe!). An alternative if kids are a cool part of your life, find them and treat them to a trip to the park. We all know that little ones need company on the slide/swings/roundabout! This form of play involves using the genuninely young as an excuse for you to act that way. Obviously, there is no embargo on jumping in puddles and skipping on your own, it is just that some people may be embarrassed by this. (Can’t think why?!?)

The natural progression from the swings and slides of a kiddies playground for us so-called adults is the theme park. This can certainly get the adrenaline pumping and, for some people, it is considered to be Fun. Of course, if this idea fills you with fear, then it is not a form of play I would recommend. White water rafting and abseiling could also be a good idea for the more adventurous, as could driving fast cars and/or bikes for the petrol heads among you (watch the speed limit, tho, folks!)

Playing can also involve making time for a sport you enjoy. Please note, this is not the purgatorial ‘I must go to the gym to get fit/lose weight’ approach to things. It is more akin to my enjoyment of horse-riding. The primary reason I do this is beacuse it is Fun, any fringe-benefits such as exercise, fresh air and friendship are welcome bonuses. So, take up a new sport you think you’d enjoy or dust off your badminton raquet (or sports equipment of choice) and get back on the court (or other relevant playing surface).

Dance is a form of exercise, too, that can fall into the category of Play. Whether it be a bopping in front of your bedroom mirror with air guitar/hairbrush mike (Moi? Never!), salsa class or clubbing with your mates, it ticks all the right boxes. Also, the latter may add another dimension of Fun, if you are of a certain age and social inclination. Not that I would advocate that on a Christian website, of course…well, I would. Just be sensible, yeah? 😉

At this point I look at the ground and shift awkwardly from foot to foot. Umm, if you have a Significant Other, then another form of play is available. Lets just say that the pre-requisites of activity, Fun, in-dolphins and possibly laughter could well be involved. If this is the case, then hurrah! Make time to play in this way, too. (I am, of course, talking about tickle-fights with your partner. What? What?! Why are you looking at me like that?!? What did you *think* I meant?)

So, folks, pick your form of play, your playmate(s) if necessary and start having Fun – with that capital F.

I’m off horse-riding now.

1) Lift the lid on your inner kid

The essence of this is rediscovering the things you enjoyed doing as a kid, and indulging in them as an adult. This comes with the proviso that they must be *nice* things. If you were prone to pulling legs of spiders or picking on your siblings, then I am not recommending that you re-start. 😉

Obviously, some of the things we did as kids would earn us funny looks if we were seen doing them as adults. There are a few ways around this:

a) Make sure no-one is looking and do exactly the same thing. An example of this is found in my skipping and singing ‘I’m free’, running into straw bales and sitting on a child’s swing in my second ‘Looking after myself’ entry. This is my particular favourite, but it carries a certain amount of risk (which can make it even more inviting!)

b) Do an ‘acceptable’ adult equivalent. If you enjoyed colouring books, the how about taking up an art class. One who liked to cycle around with their mates or kick a ball about may enjoy mountain-biking or joining a local football team. Use your imagination (another much neglected childhood attribute)

c) Introduce your own kids/nieces/nephews and/or friends kids to a childhood passion of yours. If you can spare the time/energy perhaps you could help with a local youth group. The possibilities are endless and laughter is practiacally guaranteed (this approach also links to ‘Take time to play’)

The things you enjoyed need not be particularly active, either. If you were an avid reader or enjoyed playing an instrument, make time to hole yourself up and indulge in this, too. The second ‘Looking after myself’ entry centred around me going off for a walk in an old chilhood haunt and enjoying my surroundings the same as I used to, with unashamed fascination. (The other day, in Dorset, I even re-visited my old game of grasshopper tracking. Was a little disappointed that I did not catch one this time, I must be out of practice!)

You may not be able to be as blatantly childlike and silly as me, but that is fine. The point is that you take a look at the things that made you happy as a kid, and make time for them in your life now. Go on, give it a go!

Dr. Von Dithausen’s Sevenfold Prescription for Health and Wholeness

Phew! That was alot of Fairtrade stuff to sort. Am prepared for tomorrow now, I think!

Anyway, as promised in the title:

1) Lift the lid on your inner kid
2) Take time to play
3) Invest in those you treasure
4) Give yourself a gift
5) Permit unproductivity, encourage creativity
6) Empty the bin, fill the larder
7) Share it all about

So there you have it. Pretty cryptic at the mo, I know. Explanations will follow over time. If you have bothered to stick with today’s ramblings, then you may bear with me long enough to read them. 😉

Thanks for sharing my day. Husband is making a start on the evening meal. Looking forward to an evening in front of the TV with him.

Bye all!

P.S. In case you are worried, Husband has said he will clear his lounge-based mess. The rest was pretty much encompassed in my paperwork sorting. There, you can sleep at night now.

P.P.S. Has anyone actually bothered reading all this? It was a good exercise for me, but I’m sure it wasn’t particularly gripping as blog fodder. Let me know…

Two Go Mad in Dorset

Okay, hairdresser booked (thanks to Sad Sister for recommendation)
Regent College form filled – ready for posting
Paperwork Pile of Doom revealed no unpleasant surpises, just the ongoing stuff I expected. Must tackle properly soon. Can’t wait…

Okay, tales of our few days away.

Arrived mid-afternoon on Tues after a pretty good journey down and chilled out with the family, catching up on all the goss. An excuse to sit an read, guilt free, and watch a film on TV with the folks.

After a leisurely start to Wednesday, we pottered off on the steam railway into Swanage for lunch. Found a lovely Christian cafe cum bookshop. Had good food and then looked at the books etc. Bought some ‘Holy Socks’ (sic) and a couple of books. Then wandered around town and, oops, into the Oxfam bookshop. More purchases. My universe felt a little strange by this point. I had bought a number of reading items, Husband had bought none. None! Reckon I entered a parallel universe somewhere on the outskirts of Corfe Castle as this is usually the other way around!

Later that day, the family all went to a lovely pub and Jeff met Den’s bloke, Rob (arrived that evening), for the first time. As predicted, Anglo-Welsh hostilities ensued i.e. good natured insults were exchanged and they got on fine! Food in pub was great. Recommend ‘Stinger’ organic ale. Has nettles in it, but don’t let that put you off. Went home suitably stuffed and relaxed, again.

On Thurs, Husband and self joined Den and Rob for lunch. More pub fare – I must’ve put on tons of lard over the last few days. Tasty, tho 😉 Had a good time, chatting and joking and parted company for the afternoon. The two of us went for a stroll along the sea front in Swanage and sat outside with a cuppa. The day was v clear and we could see the IOW easily. Both waved at Smudgie, but she did not wave back. Perhaps she didn’t see us, p’raps looking the other way at the time.

Visited Auntie Jan and Uncle Alan in the evening. Drank tea, ate fab cake and were regaled with the story of the squirrel (see T & E blog for details).

Friday saw us leave at around 11.30am to meander slowly home, arriving just in time for Husband to carry out his scheduled conference call. Surprisingly, Little Chef pancakes and maple syrup are very yummy.

As for the family, reckon they are pretty good. Mum is getting better and better all the time and the flashes of ‘real Mum’ are more frequent and more brilliant. She was gardening with Dad’s help. (I said to her, on the quiet, that having a stroke was a pretty drastic move to take in order to have assistance with the garden. She laughed at that!) She was doing odds and ends of houseworky stuff and enjoying the TV. Her conversations were more easy to follow, too, and some phrases sounded ‘stroke free’ i.e. not slurred or confused. On the whole, pretty good.

Den and Rob doing well. Ironing out problems and enjoying their time together. Am so glad that she has an outlet now and someone who cares very much for her. A real answer to prayer (literally!) Rob is a great guy and I hope that this whole thing go from strength to strength. (Pray with me?)

Dad is still Dad. Seems to be doing okay, never can tell with him. No issues, tho, as far as I can tell. He’s lost weight, which can only be a good thing and is doing his best to make things easier for Mum. Enjoyed chatting and laughing with him.

I think a good image to take away from our time there is walking in Dad, Mum and Den in paroxyms of laughter. Mum had been trying, and failing, to say her tounge twister speech exercises. I’m sure the one about removing feathers from game birds was not given by the speech therpist, but I think it was the source of the hilarity. A lovely moment to witness, truly lovely.

Right, Fair Trade stuff now. Back soon (I hope!)

The response my WISE parcel deserved

Mmm, scrambled egg and beans on toast. Plates and pans clean and time for the blog entry:

I would like to publicly apologise to Arti for seeming utterly underwhelmed by my WISE gift. It was more a case of acknowledging it and meaning to return to it later. Instead, it must have come across as the wiblog equivalent of ‘Oh, socks. Again. Thanks Auntie Margaret.’ So, I intend to address this omission now.

Arti kindly sent me Enigma by Robert Harris. This ww2 thriller appears to have pressed all the right buttons with the critics and proudly proclaims that it is the NUMBER ONE best seller on its front cover. I’ll take Arti’s recommendation the most seriously of all these claims! Looks intriguing.

I was lucky enough to have the double joy of two books. The second was Call the Dead Again by Ann Granger. A brief read of the blurb indicated that this book contains a mysterious hitch-hiker, a murder and ‘a pair of delightful sleuths’ (to quote Margaret Yorke). I look forward to savouring the literary recipe containing these ingredients (how pretentious did that last sentence sound?!?).

The postcard was of Manchester. It was not raining, so either (a) the meteorolgists and the Beautiful South are lying to us or (b) the postcard was tampered with. I am inclined to thik the latter, as all the landmarks of the city also appeared to be contained withing a few hundred square metres of each other. Now, unless Manchester town planners were amazingly forsighted in catering for those with mobility problems, I feel that the pic may not be an entirely accurate representation. Hence, also, the lack of rain 😉

The postcard has served me well as a bookmark (naturally). Unfortunately, I cannot find which book it is now in so am unable tell you of Arti’s friendly message on the back. Suffice to say, the books were introduced and I was encouraged to continue ‘Looking after myself.’ (Btw, Arti, I am)

So, a big thanks goes to my lovely WISEr. If, at some later date, I learn to download digital pics onto the PC and post them on my blog, the semi-promised photo may yet be forthcoming. Hmm, p’raps I should prioritse learning how to use my blog properly for my next list of ‘things to do’? We’ll see.

Now, what next? Ah, yes, phone hairdresser. Later, dudes…

Welcome to my day

This is an exercise in rewards and accountability. Let me explain.

I have a number of blog entires I wish to write. I also have a few things I need to do today. Now, this would usually lead to one of the following scenarios:

a) I sit at the computer, saying to myself "This won’t take long" and finally get up a number of hours later, when the kinks in my back get too much. Consequently, none of the chores will be completed by the end of the day.

b) I get started on the ‘things to do’ and they take longer than intended. No blog entires get done and, despite feeling pleased that so much work has been carried out, I feel cheated that I have not had any blog related fun.

So, the solution is as follows. Do a necessary thing, then reward myself with a blog entry. The accountability comes in the form of telling the wibworld of my plans. Therefore, here is my day…

Necessary thing: Actually get up, washed and dressed. Read Bible and chat to God (Hurrah! Actually done it!)
Reward (blog entry): This one
Nt: Make and eat lunch. Clear up afterwards.
R(be): Give my WISE gift from Arti the recognition it deserves
Nt: Phone hairdresser. Fill in Regent College course registration form. Look *briefly* at Paperwork Pile of Doom for any vital things I have overlooked.
R(be): Tell you of our visit to Dorset.
Nt: Sort out Fair Trade and tea/coffee resources for after the service tomorrow.
R(be): Finally introduce you to Dr. Von Dithausen’s prescription for ‘Looking after yourself’
Nt: Have a quick tidy of the lounge
R: Only at this point am I allowed to visit other people’s blogs. This is important!!! For it is in looking at blogs that time holes are opened and many, many hours fall into them, never to be found again.

Also, in all of this, I must remember that the blog entries are meant to be the fun part, and not turn them into a chore. (Yes, I do have tendency to turn recreation into hard work if I am not careful. Sad, eh?)

So there you go. I am now going to *quickly* look at my e-mails and then get on with lunch. See ya later!

The Dilemma of Death

The woman approached a fork in the road. One road snaked upwards, it looked rocky, steep and perilous. The other sloped gently downwards, flanked by verdant, flowery meadows. Which way should she go?

She stood for a moment, considering her alternatives. All she could see on the face of it was the nature of each road at this point. One seemed difficult, the other easy. There was no indication of any potential cahnges along their length, of possible obstacles on the way nor of where they would ultimately end up.

After a little thought, the woman set foot on the broader way. After journeying for a while, she was startled as a shadow obsured the sun.

‘Hi’ said the shadow. ‘I’m Hank Marvin and I’m going to show you some serious axe work.’

And he did.

The woman was never seen again…

(Happy now, Wiblogging standards officer?)

No, no, I’m not really…

I’m not looking at the wibsite when I should be getting ready to go to Dorset.

This blog entry is a figment of your imaginataion.

It must be a very diseased imagination.

I’d seek help if I were you!

I can recommend a very good therapist.


You are not really reading this, y’know, cos I am not here…

…I am not here…

…I am not here…

Dorset bound

Tomorrow, Husband and self are off to see the folks. We get to stay in the highly luxurious(!) static caravan out the back of the bungalow and spend time with family. Husband is meeting Den’s new-ish bloke for the first time. I reckon they will get on v well.

Realised recently that I have not updated you on Mum for a while. She has been discharged from the care of the specialist. Also, the OT, speech- and physio-therapists are taking a step back. They are happy with her progress and it is basically down to her to keep on keeping on. She is much more ‘herself’ these days, tho’ I guess it will never be the same as it was. She has been told to practice her writing. I found this out when a mystery card came through our letterbox with a piccy of three cute cats on the front (prophetic?) Inside, was a shaky version of Mum’s writing, complete with crossings out, telling us that she was practicing her writing and mentioning the weather. S’funny how such a simple thing can make your day!

In other matters – had a meeting today where we voluntary yoof workers discussed the coming months. Went well. Am looking forward to yoof stuff restarting in a couple of weeks and am hoping that the group will grow and develop. They are such a cool bunch of kids. Sometimes I wonder how I got here. How did I, Dith, get to be a yoof worker? Would never have thought myself to be made of the right stuff for it. Yet here I am, filling the role of volunteer in my little church. Not really a big thing, in the grand scheme of things, but surprising to me nevertheless.

Anyways, signing off now. See you after we get back on Friday. Take care, and don’t blog too much while I’m gone. You know it will take me ages to get up to date when I return 😉