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Three little kittens

Given that the previous post ended up pretty uninspiring, I would like to tell you the following.

Only Husband and myself have agreed to adopt three kittens from one of his cousins’ cats when we move. It was meant to be two, but you can’t separate the only three that aren’t remaining behind. Can you? 😉 They are unbelievably cuuuuute and crawl all over you. One has already earned the name Sherpa due to his advanced mountaineering instincts.

There, I know that at least one reader of this blog will be affected by that post…you know who you are! 😉

Snapshots of Greenbelt

Firstly, I would just like to add another thing to my list of ‘smile-raisers’ – reading other people’s lists. It is a truly lovely thing to see what causes joy to people, and how simple many of them are (the joy-causers, not the people – necessarily!) If you have not read the comments on the previous entry, go and have a peep. Even if you have, it may be worth going back and taking a look at the ones you may not have seen yet. I recommend it.

In much the same vein, I would like to tell you a few things about my non-camping Greenbelt experience (see T & E blog for details) which raised a chuckle or at least a small smile.

* The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain – they provided a number of moments, but two stick in my mind:-
– One of the members called the guitar the ‘Devil’s instument’, which prompted a small child behind me to utter the word ‘Devil?’ in a shocked and squeaky voice. I related it to a wibmember at the later wibmeet, causing them to comment that the pronunciation would rhyme with ‘Neville’.
– Some indie-kids wandered thru the crowd as the Uke Orch were playing a very good rendition of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’. This prompted all of them to take a look at the stage. I would have loved to have been a mind-reader in order to hear their thoughts on seeing five dinner-suited-ukelele-players belting out this song. Priceless!

There were more snapshots in my mind when I began this…have forgotten the rest of them now.

Ah well, more later…maybe…if I remember.

Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy*…

Thanks, all, for the response to the fear thing. V interesting.

To balance it out, what do you really love? Things that thrill and excite you? Or that never fail to bring a smile or a warm fuzzy feeling? Examples from me would be:

a hug from a loved one
rainbows and butterflies (yeah, twee and slushy me!)
an unexpected visitor, phone call, parcel or letter
good music
a cup of tea made for me, especially first thing in the morning
a cat on the lap, purring makes this even better
a break to look forward to (Greenbelt approaches!)

Hmm – seven is a good Biblical number, I’ll leave it at that. There are SO many more things, tho.

*Phil 4 v 8

Fear and Loathing…

…in my bedroom.

The other night, there was a HUGE thunderstorm. As a result, a couple of unusual things happened in the life of Dith. Unusual thing no 1 was the fact that it actually woke me up. I usually sleep right through, I reckon I could sleep through the end of the world. Not so much sleeping like a log as a long submurged coal seam! The other thing, which surprised me even more, was that a couple of thunderclaps actually scared me – to the point of making me jump.

Those of you who are normally fearful of thunderstorms are probably thinking, ‘Duh!’ at this moment. However, I have never, in my life, been frightened of storms before. I still remember an incident as a kid when Mum let my sis and I stay up thru a thunderstorm one night so that we would not be afraid. I was playing contentedly and occasionally watching the lightening out of the window. Since that first memory, fascination is the word that best descibes my usual attitude to thunderstorms. That is why this seems so strange to me.

Phobias are another thing that I am blissfully free from. I find snakes and the like strangely beautiful and, as for spiders, I have been the Spider-removing Stupendous Dith on a number of occasions. Those who know me are now probably saying ‘What about the mould thing then, eh?’ Yes, I do have an inordinate reaction to mould and the like, but I would describe it much more in terms of disgust than fear.

My reaction to the storm, then, and a recent discussion on phobias has really got me thinking about the whole matter of fear. It may seem from my statements to this point that I am not often afraid. Hahaha! How wrong can you be? However, I am afraid of much more abstract things. I am afraid of disapproval, ridicule, rejection, failure and the like. Not unusual, I s’pose. The thing is, sometimes this can take hold to an almost delibilitaing degree. I ask myself, if I jumped more at thunderclaps and had a healthier sense of self-preservation when it comes to, say, the potential of falling of a horse then p’raps I would not be so afraid of people poking fun at me.

Maybe I’ll never know…

Btw, what scares you guys? I’d be interested to know.

Looking after myself: Part 4

Long overdue.

I am aware that this thread has kinda petered out. Lost, for a while, but not forgotten. The final part of the quintissential ‘Looking after’ long-weekend entailed a visit to the Nephews’ Sports Day. Let the vicarious fun commence…

Joy no 1: Being greeted by Elder Nephew as ‘Dithster’. I dunno where he got this from. He is one of the only two people who can has ever got away with calling me ‘Dithy’ (the other being the lass who made a great showing as my one and only bridesmaid last year, a most fab mate). This new name causes an even bigger, more fond grin to emerge. Soppy old Auntie.

Joy no 2: Seeing Younger Nephew plod manfully on after tripping at the beginning of the ‘bean bag in the bucket’ race. (Sports Day races, should they be introduced to the Olympics? Discuss.) He made it over the line long after everybody else, but the fact that he kept going earned him a huge round of applause.

Joy no 3: Both of the boys earning medals (stick on ones!) for coming placed in one race each.

Joy no 4: Seeing various caps, water bottles etc being thrown skyward by the winning team – the blues. Elder Nephew was in this team. 😉

Joy no 5: Seeing how the kids looked after each other. The elder ones would congratulate the littlies for doing well, and there was an incident where on lass comforted her sad mate who had done really badly. Sweeeeet.

Sports day was always a nightmare for the young Dith. It was good to go and put it all in perspective.

The promised reccommendations, and prescription, by Dr. Von Dithausen to follow soon.

I will finish in the style of Chops…

Til Next Time, Sports Day CAN Be Fun.

WISE and unwise

Thanks to Arti for the books. Will enjoy delving into them. Slightly different to my usual choices, so it should be interesting. May post photo, if can work out how. Technophobes rule!

Let me now tell you a little of DithNav (currently marketed by T & E). Not only can this innovative system enable you to see new and interesting places outside, it can also navigate you successfully (in DithNav terms) around the interior of buildings. Today, my personal, inbuilt NavChip navigated me from the table in the Harvester pub to the salad bar. It then failed to direct me back to the table, taking me on a number of interesting detours, much to the amusement (it seemed) of other customers. A kindly young man took pity on this simple soul, and directed me back to the table, and the rest of my family.

Now, a Dith is no stranger to embarrassment, and tends to embrace opportunities to amuse and entertain through the medium of erratic behaviour. Not this time! The salad, collected at the beginning of the meal. The sorry tale, told to Only Husband, when safely leaving in car – nobody else present! Could not have stood the constant ribbing I would have doubtless received throughout the meal had I said at that time.

Am now reconciled to it, hence this post.

Let the ribbing commence…

(Thoughts on erratic. Have you noticed that butterflies never fly in a straight line? They are lovely things, aren’t they. I have the same erratic tendencies. Does that make me lovely, too….?

….Heck, it’s worth a try, surely?)