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Looked out of the window yesterday morning to see a mini manoeuvring at eye level in the cul-de-sac outside. "Why is that worthy of note?" I hear you ask. The fact that our flat is on the first floor would answer that!

The other incongruity of recent days was when Only Husband and I were eating in a restaurant and an armchair motored past the window. It did not even have anybody sitting in it!

Explanations of the above:

The mini was on a car transporter. the armchair was on the roof of a car (not visible from our vantage point). So, as with many things in life, it was all a matter of perspective!

A deliberate attempt not to be self-absorbed…

…aka an update on Mum.

I am aware that there are those of you in the Land of Wib who have been praying for me and mine, and I noticed that I have not updated you on the situ for a while.

Basically, progess is being made. Mum is walking pretty well now and is less inclined to lose the word for things. Her right hand side is still slow to improve, but I get the impression that things are coming on. As I said before, frustration is probably her greatest enemy. In fact, the amount of litters of kittens she has given Dad and D does not bear thinking about, given the way she is pushing at the boundaries.

Dad seems to be doing okay, or as well as he ever does :-/ D is still struggling to a great extent. Mum has gone a bit dizzy a couple of times, which sets off alarm bells and also D’s stress related illness. D has also needed to suspend her studies again. She is having to provide alot of care and support for the parents, at a time where it would be good for her to get support herself. Dad has always been a little awkward, and this whole thing has made Mum more ‘spikey’ than she used to be. Not a good combination for a daughter under pressure to deal with.

Wish I could do more. Feel so distant, and a little guilty that the whole situation can be far from my mind for long periods of time. Anyway, was not going to be self-absorbed :-/

Was listening to a Christian talk earlier, blokey was talking about Jesus walking on the water. He said that the disciples would have been most worried about the waves, afraid that they would overwhelm them. He went on to say that the things we are afraid will rise above our heads, are already under Jesus’ feet. Good, eh?

What a catch!

Wow! Many fishy wibloggers. Blatant posts are evidently the best method for catching the species Wiblogerus driftyum. I think that the dynamite method worked (eh, Hermit 😉

Going fishing…

Perhaps maggots will do?

Or perhaps a fake fly?

A poor, unfortunate wiggly worm, who would be much better off aerating the soil?

I’ve heard that even bread can work as bait.

Spinners are good for catching mackerel…

…but what bait should you use when fishing for comments?

A really blatantly obvious post, maybe.

Mysterious ways

On Sat, went to a riding show with my new friend, Anne, from my lessons. Discovered that she is a Christian! This is cool as I miss having people to generally hang out with (how old does that sound???), having only recently moved here to be with Only Husband.

We spent much time leaning on the barrier, watching gorgeous beasties jump fences and talking…and talking…and talking (us, not the beasties). At one point, on discovering yet another thing we had in common, Anne looked heavenwards and asked ‘What are you up to?’ Just the sort of thing I’d do. Scarey (which is another thing we agreed on, that this serendipity was indeed scarey!)

Was well cool tho’, as was having the Nephews over, ostensibly to watch the football with Husband. Youngest did help me with cleaning the kitchen, tho’. We had great fun flattening cardboard boxes for the recycling, and also jumping on huge bubble wrap. The bubble wrap stamping was not productive, but it was fun! The same nephew also told me that he had brought his colouring for me in case I got bored of the game. How thoughtful, and in no way related to his statement that football was rubbish!

All in all, a great week-end.

Bank Hol…as it should be!

No flat pack furniture building!!!

Just a lovely day, travelling in the sunshine in Magda with top down (on car!). Stopping for picnic food and wandering in scenic areas – Forest of Dean and Goodrich Castle.

Visiting Messers Stump, snr and jnr, for a chat and a cuppa, then on to The Bell, our new local with interesting locals. A local pub for local people. After a beer, home for tea and chilling by the TV.

Better than flat pack any day. So much for self-fulfilling prophesies, eh Ness?

Mmm, that’s better…

With apologies to those who have had to witness my low mood from time to time on this wiblog. I would just like to report that, since my last woe-filled entry, I have had a few truly lovely days. (Ta for the prayers, folks.)

I think that I may be experiencing some of that resurrection joy, after (or poss in the midst of) the shit of life. Huzzah, hurrah and bravo!

As Only Husband has mentioned on his blog, our new family member, Magda, has arrived. She truly is a fast paced, noisy and excitable bundle of joy. It is hard to resist waving regally, or at least smugly, when you are being driven around in a gorgeous sports car. To be honest, if I had seen people like ourselves, driving around with the top down on a sunny spring day, I would have thought "What a couple of posers!" I hold my hand up to that, yes I was a poser! It is a wonderful feeling to be stared at, and not with disdain, for once. Very unfamiliar, and entirely due to the car. However, at that time, I WAS that shallow. Sorry 😉

The evening saw us spending time with the notorious Paul Stump (aka Stumpy), who was the best man at our wedding last year. It was good to share food and alcohol with this amusing and interesting friend.

Saturday was chilled, and not just for 20 mins. We spent a lazy morning, mostly in bed (what Sat mornings were made for) and trundled out to a coffee shop for lunch. After much reading, eating, drinking, chatting and more relaxing, we picked up a few bits of shopping and went home…to relax. Lovely!

Today is, of course, easter. Happy Easter to you all, btw. Chocolate for breakfast, us? Would we? Well, I’ll let you decide. Then a good chapel service and lunch with the out-laws. Afternoon spent relaxing with family, reading and drinking tea, then home for watching of much Red Dwarf. Not a challenging day really, and how Bank Hols should be.

Tomorrow, we build some flat pack furniture (DIY being an unfortunate side-effect of Bank Hols also). I can see a mood slump coming on…oh dear.

(This may be redeemed by a visit to our newly discovered ‘local’ The Bell – visited also on Fri – in the evening. There could still be hope!!!)

Things you don’t expect to be saying…

…in the course of your working day.

(Warning: Do NOT read on if you are squeamish. I am not kidding, I mean it!)

"So, where did you put the top of your finger? They may need it."

The scenario behind this was a tenant visit a couple of weeks ago. During routine telephone calls and paperwork to the usual organisations on behalf of my tenant, I heard discussions between him and his partner regarding what you should do when bleeding,

"Should I run it under the tap?" Tenant’s Other Half was heard to ask.

"Noooooo!" thinks I, whilst on phone to TV licensing people.

Came off phone, and TOH enters the room, complete with v bloody tissue clamped to index finger of left hand, more red than white. During the period of ascertaining what has happened that follows, I am shown the slice of finger she removed whilst changing a stanley knife blade. Ouch!

Much dredging of memory for basic first aid ensues. Pressure and elevation. Tenant calls ambulance and, whilst waiting for said vehicle, it occurs to me that the finger-slice is missing. It was then that I uttered the immortal words at the top of this post.

Bizarre is not the word for it!

For the weak of stomach who are now suffering…I DID warn you.

I did not taunt them…

…but still they afflict me.

I am, of course, talking of the Nefarious Demons of Cold. They have infected me for the last few days, necessitating three days off work. Reckon I’m back to it tomorrow and, honestly, I am glad. Colds are so bl**dy tiresome.

Btw, apologies to my substantial (hah!) fan base that I have been away for so long. No valid excuse, just the way it is. Good to be back reading about your lives, tho, feel connected to a wider world somehow.

You are reading the blog of a drained and despondent Dith today, with brief incursions into despair. Not at liberty to say why, but PLEASE pray for me and mine. We could do with it…s’pecailly me. Just want life to get better and stop being so hard at times. No-one is to blame, it is just life. Was slightly heartened to read an entry by JTL, where she quoted a person from the Ship, about shit happening, but resurrection also happening. It is good to remember that roses grow best in shit. Keep trusting…(not easy!)