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Signing in…

Briefly reporting on the week-end with Mum, Dad and D.

Got there Fri pm and chilled. (Note on the word ‘chill’. Auntie Jan, who I stayed with whilst visiting the folks, was reading a recipe for banoffee pie. She noticed that there were instructions at intervals in the recipe to ‘Chill for 20 mins.’ What a lovely idea, take time out while creating a dessert…or perhaps we misinterpreted it 😉

Went out with D on Sat to eat food and indulge in retail therapy. She certainly seemed to benefit from getting out of the house for a bit. If you can call 10 hours (11am to 9pm) a bit! Mum and Dad went out for lunch that day, too. I believe that this is the fisrt time she has eaten out since the stroke, and she said she was not bothered by it. Hurrah!

Sunday was spent relaxing and eating a lovely roast prepared for Mother’s Day by D. Dad and I did our bit with the clearing up. Mum had to be forcibly separated from a tea-towel, it was her day after all.

In general, she is doing pretty well. She gets about on her pins ok and her communication is good. In my opinion, Mum’s probs with her right hand and her frustration are probably the biggest battles she faces at the moment. Her personality can be a little more abrasive than I remember, but I guess that is to be expected. On the whole, however, it was good to see her and to see her so relatively well. Grin!

Other news:

Will be applying for a new job in the next few days. We’ll see if it is the right thing…

Only Husband bought me the new Jack Johnson CD while I was away. Listened to it on the way to visiting tenants today. It bouncy, lyrical, fun and quirky, and I love it!

I have had a haircut. Nothing drastic, just a tidying up of the large mass of fur that my barnet had become (those who know me will be able to picture the big version of my locks. Anyone else is free to visit the ‘Compare the Hair’ photo in the Greenbelt archive on the Wibsite!) The other day, Only Husband called my hair ‘noodles’. I wasn’t offended as it was a pretty accurate description of my damp curls at the time. I certainly wasn’t as offended as when a previous bloke of mine called the two tendrilly bits I have as a sort of fringe when my hair is up ‘cockroach feelers’ . I tried to re-educate him into saying ‘butterfly feelers’, with no success!

Anyway, enough of this rambling. Time for bed, need to be up by 7.15am tomorrow, as usual. Yawn.

Silly Signs

On a litter bin – "Litter etc." Etc??? Oh yes, I will throw my sweet wrapper in here and also my album of treasured photographs. I don’t think so.

On a closed shop "Open 6 days." As I have never seen this shop open, I can only assume that it was open for a TOTAL of 6 days, ever!

By the kitchen sink at work – "Please be responsible for your own mess." Okay, it was me. I made the mess, no-one else. What? Clear it up? No, the sign said to be responsible for it, and I admit that I am. What more do you want?

Is it just me, or does this not make sense?

And, yes, before you smart commenters (e.g.T & E!) say anything, I KNOW I do not make sense!

Probably the most expensive riding lesson in the world…


Take one wrong turning off a roundabout on the way to the stables
Follow the very loooooong M grade road til finding an exit
Come off at exit
Get confused by slip roads
Come back onto M road, apparantly retracing previous route
Discover that you have gone even further the wrong way
Finally retrace steps
Arrive at stables with 20mins left of a one hour lesson
Be faced with the option of paying the cancellation fee and having no lesson (fee is half of cost of lesson)
Consider paying full fee for 20mins of lesson
Decide it is better to pay a lot for something than half of a lot (still a considerable amount) for nothing
Have possibly the most expensive 20mins of my life!

Is still fun, tho, and I now possess jodhpurs and riding boots. Hurrah!

and Zen tagged

Some of the questions made no sense, but here goes…




Random people

A large portion of dingo meat

Feb 30th
Jept 19th
Nov 3.9th




Hmm…I think the Zen tagging has suffered from a case of Buddhist whispers. Ah well.

Respond to my Zen tags now, people, if you can…


Thanks to Lanark for this

Seven Things to Do
1. Sort out my paperwork 2.Tidy the bedroom 3. Finish preparation for Fairtrade events 4. Take part in Fairtrade events 5. Watch the ‘Best Muppet Moments’ programme on TV tonight 6. Fill in Greenbelt booking form 7. Try to relax!

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1. Lick my elbow 2. Breathe underwater 3. Let go and let God 4. Complete my list of things to do 5. Stop Husband watching sport 6. Most sports 7. Relax

Seven Things that Attract me to my Mate
1. That’s my business thanks 2. Really 3. It is 4. Look, you won’t persuade me to tell you 5. It’s personal 6. Stop pestering me 7. Thankyou

Seven books I love
1. Bible (is that 66?) 2. An Equal Music by Vikram Seth 3. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 4. Anything written by Terry Pratchett 5. About a Boy by Nick Hornby 6. Watership Down by Richard Adams 7. Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Seven Things I say
1. Random 2. Left or right here? (when driving) 3. My train of thought has been derailed 4. Silly bugger 5. Luv yoo! (in silly, high pitched voice to Husband) 6. Hello, Sunshine 7. Bye people

Seven movies I’ve loved
1. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin 2. About a Boy 3. Schindler’s List 4. Amelie 5. Scent of a Woman 6. Memento 7. Sixth Sense

Seven people to tag
Anyone left…?

The Rebel Returns

So, Mum will be coming home today for good. Yay!

I can see that Dad and D are going to have their work cut out with her! The other week-end, at 3.00am, Dad got up beacuse he heard a thump. He looked in Mum’s bedroom, no sign. With some anxiety he went out into the kitchen, only to find her feeding the cat! The thump had been a chair falling over, no harm done.

Also, when Dad was walking the dog and D was washing up, D heard a crash. On investigation, she found Mum flat out on the hall floor, having attempted some unknown, illicit activity. "Quick," says Mum, "Get me up before your father comes home, he’ll kill me!" The outcome of this was D and Mum both ending up in a heap on the floor, in fits of laughter. Oh dear 🙂

On a practical level, Mum will be having outpatients appointments with the tantrums in Poole. She is walking better now and beginning to get some movement back in her right arm. Most importantly, she is determined to get better.

Thanks for your prayers, please continue. As the family embark on this next stage of recovery, they are going to need all the help they can get.