The Telly Belly Challenge

You may have seen a brief reference to this on Jeff’s blog (tired and emotional). I thought that you may appreciate the full story on the connection between us both losing weight and the purchase of a flat screen, LCD TV.

Jeff has been nagging me for a while for the TV but as we have, in my opinion, a perfectly good telly at the moment, I have resisted…until now.

We were looking thru a catalogue the other day and saw the TVs in question. The cry ‘Big Flat Telly’ arose. This was responded to with a cry of ‘Big Fat Belly’. I was then asked,

"Can I have a Big Flat Telly?"

I replied, "When you have no Big Fat Belly, you can have a Big Flat Telly."

Jeff then chose this moment to tell me that he is planning to start going to the gym.


This situation evidently needed some quick thinking if I was not to end up footing the entire bill for a needless piece of technology.

Some days later, the Telly Belly Challenge was born. This involves Jeff aiming to lose inches on his Belly and me aiming to lose pounds of my also not-insubstantial Belly. We will each have a target and a set period of time to in which to reach it. Depending on how well each of us do in comparison to each other will determine how much we each spend on the Big Flat Telly. I lose more weight, I spend less money. He loses more weight, it costs less for him. Nothing like the harnessing of two competitive natures to overcome the apathy!

Watch this space for Telly Belly Challenge updates.