Home soon…hopefully.

Mum is home for the week-end again. Things are going pretty well with her at the moment and, if she ‘behaves herself’, she will be allowed home for good in a fortnight. Hurrah!

However, ‘behaving herself’ is something Mum finds hard! Being a bit of a rebel at heart, she was caught by one of the nurses trying to make her own way to the loo one night. Also, when at home, she has been pushing the bounds of what is permitted. I would rather have a feisty, slightly rebellious Mum, however, than the defeated Mum that she was soon after the stroke.

Have also spoken to her on the phone, which was strange but cool.

Hurrah again!!!

One thought on “Home soon…hopefully.

  1. yes, i agree, feisty and rebelious is better. especially when it comes to nurses trying to take you to the loo when you just want to remind everyone that you are a grown woman thank you very much (been there… hated it too). good to hear that she’s improved so much.

    did you realise that we both blogged last night at exactly the same time? 10.12. oooo freaky. 😉

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