Daily Archives: February 21, 2006

Some updates…

Lots to update you on:

After being home for the assessment last week, Mum was able to spend a whole week-end with Dad and D. I get the impression it was difficult but worthwhile. Mum, being the rebel that she is, tried to do things that she shouldn’t yet. She also managed to find the bits that D and I had missed when cleaning the house. Typical 😉

Did not get the secondment. Not really bothered.
Am enjoying the new placement. It’s a little different to last place as I am in a very small team now. Drive to work is longer, early mornings are not my forte. Yawn! Is a matter of settling in, and will probably be moved on again soon after that!

Walk vs Sofa
Did not get to go on walk with Welsh Dragon. Sofa did not permit! Intend to go another time.

Horse-riding was excellent! Had a great time and have another lesson booked for next week. I need to get all the kit (jodhpurs/boots/hat) again now. Also learned that when I have a group lesson (this one was individual) it will cost significantly less, so this will not be as expensive as I initially thought. This may be a sport I can actually stick to!

So, there was the news. Not particularly entertaining, but informative all the same.