One small step…

…for Mum.

Well, lots of small steps, actually. She was taken home by the various therapists (or ‘tantrums’ as she once mistakenly called them 😉 with the purpose of assessing how she will get on. There are now, according to D & D, a number of bits and pieces of equipment in the bungalow (yes, thankfully no stairs in the parental home). Mum did well, apparantly, and was back in time for lunch – something she was particularly concerned not to miss!

Now, Mum is evidently a sneaky type. She has been walking since last Friday but had not told the family. Poor old Dad had got hold of ramps and everything, only to be told by the tantrums that they had not brought the wheelchair. I would have loved to have seen his face when Mum walked to the door, almost as much as I would have loved to see my Mum walking!

These trips home are to be increasing in freqency and length until Mum is able to return home for good. She needs to relearn how to walk properly and, if this is not done successfully, she will walk in the incorrect way that gets imprinted on her brain. Therefore, the tantrums want to make sure that the walking is better sorted before allowing her to only be seen as an outpatient.

Other news…

No feedback on the secondment I applied for. If I do not hear by Fri, I can assume am not shortlisted.
New placement starts next Mon, am a little apprehensive. In the meantime, I have a couple of training days and a couple of days leave. Yippee!
Am hoping to go for a walk with Only Hubby’s Mum, the Welsh Dragon tomorrow, her sofa delivery permitting (The nickname is in jest, my Mum has been dubbed the English Dragon.)
Have booked a horse-riding lesson for Thurs. As this is the only sport I have ever genuinely enjoyed (I’m sure that meandering along beaches and through parks does not count as sport), I have decided to dust off my equestrian skills and get back on a horse. Am REALLY looking forward to it. Only trouble is, the price has more than doubled since the last time I rode regularly…and then my Dad paid. Yes, that’s how long ago it was!

Til the next time, tally ho!

4 thoughts on “One small step…

  1. if the soreness of my legs the last time *i* went horse riding had anything to say about it, it’s a sport!

    was just wondering this morning if you’d heard about the ap. you read my mind and told me. ta.

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