Apologies to the single…

…and to the married.

To those of you that think St. Valentine’s Day is a waste of space, I would like to say sorry in advance. I disagree with those who see it solely as an invention by the marketing companies to wring yet more cash out of Joe (and Josephine) public. It is, to me, more than that. Or it can be if you want it to be.

When I was in a discontented state of singleness (and I know that not all singles are discontent, which is a good thing!) I admit that I did resent a day which seemed specifically designed to rub my nose in the fact. Now I am recently married to one who appears to all intents and purposes to be unromantic (I would like to assure those that worry about the two of us that we are fine :). I, however, am glad of the opportunity to use St. Valentine’s Day to let him know how I feel, which is not to say that it is the ONLY day I do this. In my view, it is akin to a birthday or Chirstmas when you have an excuse to spoil someone you love.

I do, however, appreciate that it can be rather like salt in a wound for some. The fact is, I think you need to be sensitive to the needs of others, whether married or single. If happily married, take care not to parade it unfeelingly in front of hurting singles. If unhappily single, take care not to cause sensitive marrieds feel almost guilty that they have something you don’t have, and would like to. As for unhappily married and happily single, I do not have enough experience of either to comment!!!

So, to all, I would like to wish a Happy St. Valentine’s Day. May you get what you hope for and, if you ARE waiting, take it from a long term singleton who was pleasantly surprised…miracles DO happen!

A few hours later…

Surprising, really, that I was writing this at the same time Only Husband was having his rant. And, no, we did not know that the other was doing so. Pretty polarised views, eh? Thing is, a day to say it or not, the fact remains that the love is there. Despite our obvious differences!