Daily Archives: February 14, 2006

The last word…

…for today at least.

I just want to share another of my Mum’s word-blind moments with you. Henceforth, I decree that the horrible utilitarian contraption called the commode shall be graced with a name that will make using it more humorous…


One small step…

…for Mum.

Well, lots of small steps, actually. She was taken home by the various therapists (or ‘tantrums’ as she once mistakenly called them 😉 with the purpose of assessing how she will get on. There are now, according to D & D, a number of bits and pieces of equipment in the bungalow (yes, thankfully no stairs in the parental home). Mum did well, apparantly, and was back in time for lunch – something she was particularly concerned not to miss!

Now, Mum is evidently a sneaky type. She has been walking since last Friday but had not told the family. Poor old Dad had got hold of ramps and everything, only to be told by the tantrums that they had not brought the wheelchair. I would have loved to have seen his face when Mum walked to the door, almost as much as I would have loved to see my Mum walking!

These trips home are to be increasing in freqency and length until Mum is able to return home for good. She needs to relearn how to walk properly and, if this is not done successfully, she will walk in the incorrect way that gets imprinted on her brain. Therefore, the tantrums want to make sure that the walking is better sorted before allowing her to only be seen as an outpatient.

Other news…

No feedback on the secondment I applied for. If I do not hear by Fri, I can assume am not shortlisted.
New placement starts next Mon, am a little apprehensive. In the meantime, I have a couple of training days and a couple of days leave. Yippee!
Am hoping to go for a walk with Only Hubby’s Mum, the Welsh Dragon tomorrow, her sofa delivery permitting (The nickname is in jest, my Mum has been dubbed the English Dragon.)
Have booked a horse-riding lesson for Thurs. As this is the only sport I have ever genuinely enjoyed (I’m sure that meandering along beaches and through parks does not count as sport), I have decided to dust off my equestrian skills and get back on a horse. Am REALLY looking forward to it. Only trouble is, the price has more than doubled since the last time I rode regularly…and then my Dad paid. Yes, that’s how long ago it was!

Til the next time, tally ho!

Apologies to the single…

…and to the married.

To those of you that think St. Valentine’s Day is a waste of space, I would like to say sorry in advance. I disagree with those who see it solely as an invention by the marketing companies to wring yet more cash out of Joe (and Josephine) public. It is, to me, more than that. Or it can be if you want it to be.

When I was in a discontented state of singleness (and I know that not all singles are discontent, which is a good thing!) I admit that I did resent a day which seemed specifically designed to rub my nose in the fact. Now I am recently married to one who appears to all intents and purposes to be unromantic (I would like to assure those that worry about the two of us that we are fine :). I, however, am glad of the opportunity to use St. Valentine’s Day to let him know how I feel, which is not to say that it is the ONLY day I do this. In my view, it is akin to a birthday or Chirstmas when you have an excuse to spoil someone you love.

I do, however, appreciate that it can be rather like salt in a wound for some. The fact is, I think you need to be sensitive to the needs of others, whether married or single. If happily married, take care not to parade it unfeelingly in front of hurting singles. If unhappily single, take care not to cause sensitive marrieds feel almost guilty that they have something you don’t have, and would like to. As for unhappily married and happily single, I do not have enough experience of either to comment!!!

So, to all, I would like to wish a Happy St. Valentine’s Day. May you get what you hope for and, if you ARE waiting, take it from a long term singleton who was pleasantly surprised…miracles DO happen!

A few hours later…

Surprising, really, that I was writing this at the same time Only Husband was having his rant. And, no, we did not know that the other was doing so. Pretty polarised views, eh? Thing is, a day to say it or not, the fact remains that the love is there. Despite our obvious differences!