Daily Archives: December 21, 2005

Positive news

Firstly, thanks toyou all for your encouraging messages, it is good to know that so many people are on our side.

I headed this ‘positive news’, and that is what this is. Today Mum is sitting up in bed, considerably more alert tho still incredibly tired. She is able to utter a few words, getting out ‘yes’, ‘no’ and the odd comment (such as ‘I don’t care’ when I told her she had bed hair!)

The medics have been on the case and she is on thickened apple juice – called ‘syrup’. (There is apparantly a thicker consistency called ‘custard’ – this makes sense of the instructions over the bed next door which say ’10 sips iced custard – saw that yesterday when I assumed it meant regular custard, am glad for the patients that even hospitals do not sink that low with their food!) They are going to hopefully start her on pureed food tomorrrow but she has had to have a tube inserted in her nose to supplement the diet by piping the stuff into her stomach. Denise and I were there at the time it was inserted. Well, to be honest, Denise was present and held Mum’s hand while the tube was put in. I went away, thinking I would miss some of the procedure and be there at the end. They’d finished by the time I returned (v quick) and I felt such a coward and deserter. Mum said ‘Doesn’t matter’ when I apologised, which helped.

Den and Dad are doing much better today and it is a relief for all of us to see such an improvement. However, it is one step on a long journey. Still, I am not going to waste today’s triumph by worrying about tomorrow. Keep praying, guys, I think it might just be working!