Daily Archives: December 20, 2005

Daftness in a different form

To those of you that are looking here for my usual light-hearted ramblings, I’m afraid that I am not going to be able to deliver the goods today. A time will come when that is so, but not today.

As those who know me will already know, my Mum has had a severe stroke and is currently in the acute stroke unit of Poole Hospital. I have visited her yesterday and today and, although it is extremely difficult to communicate, it is possible. She is paralysed down all of her left side and has lost the power of speech. She is, however, able to hold my hand with her left one and squeeze it in response to simple questions. The occasional flicker of movement accross her face and the occasional raising of the eyebrows shows when she has understood some of the daft banter we try to use to lift her spirits.

The thing is, this could get better, worse or stay the same. The most severe outcome is that the bleed in Mum’s brain which has caused this will spread to the right and she could even die. She does not know this. She knows she has had a stroke and that it will be a long road to recovery. That is what we, her family and friends, also need to believe. Thinking anything else just leads to despair…and we must not give up hope.

Reading my husdand’s wiblog before typing this one, I noticed the entry he had written about Andrew, our friend with cerebral palsey and MS. This guy is an inspiration. My family have been told that even if Mum does recover she will most likely be left with some level of disability. However, I know that my Mum has the same positive, can-do spirit as Andrew. I know that if we get through these dodgy couple of weeks that are ahead of us, we can breathe a little more easily and work on harnessing Mum’s natural resiliance and ensuring that she has the best life possible. Not an existence, a life!

Having said that, if it would be better for her and all concerned for Mum to be called home, then so be it. It is not ideal, but any outcome of this would not be ideal. There is, and will be, much grief no matter what. But we must not give up hope.

For those of you that pray, please remember my Dad, my sister Denise, Mum’s brother Alan and his wife Jan. Also remember the wider family such as the Morris family up in Lichfield and our friends here in the village, where Mum is much loved and respected.

To all of you who have sent your best wishes and prayers, thank you. It does help. Keep an eye on this wiblog as it may be the best way to keep you updated. Also check the tiredandemotional wiblog. Gosh, that is an apt title – tired and emotional. Just about sums us up! Love to you all.