A monumental mistake

Okay, so this blog is really supposed to be about *my* daftness, but I feel the need to tell you of something said by one of my tenants that brightened up a difficult day.

Names are changed to protect the innocent, the guilty and also to safeguard my job…tho’ I’m not sure if client confidentiality extends to amusing comments.

Anyway, my tenant ‘Chris’, and I were walking to my car (yes, I did know where it was) and I was a little despondent as I felt I was not being as much help as I could be. She was telling me of a day centre she had attended in the past where they would do many interesting activities, including making monuments. Yes, she said monuments.

I was glad that I was walking a few steps ahead of her which meant that she could not see my attempts not to laugh. I think that staff of the day centre in question would have made less work for themselves had they stuck to making the traditional ash trays and random items for the mantlepiece. Instaed, they had apparently set themeselves the monumental (ahem) task of having Chris and her fellows chisel out war memorials and the like.

Chris then went on to say that they also made "Things, y’know, thing things." I must confess that I did not know. Her previous slip had not done much for my composure, and trying not to imagine what these mysterious ‘thing things’ were did not do much to help me regain my professional veneer.

I managed, though.

"Really?" I replied "Things?"

Well, what else *could* I say?

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