Monthly Archives: January 2004

Perspective on Potential

Today I had planned to do a little gardening, but was thwarted by the fact that it is raining. This is not an unusual state of affairs for Swansea, and led to a little Dithering. Firstly, I dithered about whether or not I should be out in the garden anyway, despite the rain, but concluded that feeding souls with my devotional Ditherings would be much more productive…and less uncomfortable.

So here is my first offering of 2004, with apologies to my loyal readers for the delay. I apologise to all my disloyal readers also, as we followers of Christ need to be people of grace…

One day recently, I opened the curtains of my bedroom and looked down upon our aforementioned garden. Now, I use the word ‘garden’ in the loosest sense as anyone who knows our house will be aware that the area in question is not exactly a verdant spectacle. To be sure, it has been the site of some beautiful flowers and the occasional tasty veg or two but on the whole it is more of a work in progress than a finished product. This, however, is the point I am making.

As I looked on it that day, with its concrete that needs removing and its overgrown veg patch, I found that I was not seeing it only as it was, but also as I envisage it becoming. Our garden has potential. Various people have contributed to bringing it to its current level of development and much more work needs to be carried out before it realises this potential, but the possibilities are there.

That is, I think, rather how God sees us at times. He ‘looks at us from above’ and sees not only our current state but also where we have come from and ultimately, where we are going. As it says in Phil 1 v 6: " He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus".

I hope that our garden, also, will be carried on to completion (preferbaly before the day of Christ), if only it would stop raining. Anyone fancy praying for that miracle?