Monthly Archives: October 2003

Pre-processed plastic platitudes

I, Dith, the writer of "Ditherings", take no responsibility for how people read my decidedly dodgy devotions. Rest assured, I write them with my tongue firmly inserted in my cheek…which gets kinda uncomfortable after a while. However, I persevere with this attitude in the hope that people will not take my entries seriously.

I am slighlty discombobulated by the fact that some are unable to distinguish between genuine cheese and my over processed, manufactured variety. I feel the need to apologise to those who have swallowed my fromage, believing it to be good, strong cheddar. Sorry, guys, it was that plastic-like, pre-sliced stuff all the time.

So, in future, read my offerings with your tongue in your cheek. They are more difficult to swallow that way – my platitudes that is, not tongues (tho you would not really want to swallow your tongue either).

If any accidental ingestion and subsequent digestion of my cheesey moments does cause some unforseen nutritional benefit then, hey, I spose miracles do still happen! God bless you all anyway.