Purr-puss in life

One day, at a time where I was feeling a little fretful, I sat praying. As I prayed, everything that was worrying me was stirred up in my mind, rather like a pond when you disturb it. Everything was as clear as mud.

My day to day existence had, at that time, become as fretful as my prayer life. I was trying to fit too much in, with too little time. Even when I was allowing myself to rest, it was not proper relaxation. I would still be thinking that I had no right to stop, that I should be ‘doing something.’ Sound familiar?

Our cat was sat on my lap at the time. I was stroking her and she was purring in a hearty and contented manner. It occurred to me that life would be a whole lot simpler if I were a domestic moggy. The thought that followed that was slightly more profound, as Mitsy (the cat) is looked after, how much more are God’s children. A kind of slant on the ‘Do Not Worry’passage of Matthew 6 vv 25 – 34.

"Look at the cats of the homes; they do not hunt or catch prey (often!), and yet their owners feed them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6 v 26

So, the moral of this story is that, sometimes, God just wants us to sit on his lap and be stroked…honest! He gains pleasure from our contentment and rest, as the owner of a cat enjoys the purr of their puss.

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  1. Dith that’s lovely. Why would I not think she’s serious, Wood?? That’s really lovely. Thank you!

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