Daily Archives: September 17, 2003

A lamp to my feet and a light to my path

Greenbelt has come and gone but I still have abiding memories of this, my first taste of the festival. One such memory is the game known as "Hunt the Tent". I experienced this in daylight on a personal level: keep the grandstand behind your left shoulder, turn after the inflatable Fair Trade banana and look out for the wibsite gazebo. This is challenging enough, but it was overhearing players of the nocturnal version (also known as "Advanced Hunt the Tent")that gave me the inspiration for this entry.

Isnt life rather like hunting for your tent in the dark? By this I do not mean that our existence consists of going in circles, attempting to avoid pitfalls, arguing with our companions as to where we should be going and whose fault it is that we went wrong in the first place (although that may not be too far from the truth!) The point I am making is that we need light in the darkness. Locating our tent, a metaphor for reaching lifes goals, is much easier when we have remembered our torch. Concurrently, the Word of God should be a light in the difficult process of daily living, to be remembered and used.

Perhaps players of "AHtT" do not need a torch after all, maybe the illumination provided by Scripture would be enough to shine the way. Then again….